This page is for the sole inbred purpose of encouraging team members, alumni (and former PCA staff) to keep their skills sharp by performing standing back tucks and/or partner stunts in interesting and whenever possible, recognizable locations around the world. Please feel free to send your pics in to head office. Be daring, be silly, be annoying...and get it on camera.

NOTE to CONTRIBUTORS: Please CROP the jpgs. And please don't send 23, 7 meg files then ask "when are they going to be on line?"


Owen Vermeersch and some New Year's Eve 2022 Tucks in Punta Cana | OV1 | OV2 | OV3 |

Alex Marchand Graduation Day from Ontario Police College (May 6, 2022) | Tuck in Uniform | Standing Full Video |

Jordyn Kent Dutch Windmill - Vaanse Schans, Netherlands - September 2020, At the Colosseum, Rome. 2022

Riley and Tommy - Bondi Beach, Austrailia Jan 2019. Riley - Porto, Portugal Feb 2019.

Laura G - Table Mountain -Capetown, South Africa Feb 2019

Jordyn Kent 2018 Epic Tuck at Machu Picchu, Peru. Owning the Hill at 8000 feet above sea level. Golden Gate Bridge June 2018, Great Wall of China (Duplicate - see below) - 2016

Kurt Ford - Heart Creek Trail Canmore Alberta 2018. 4 months after Achilles tendon tear - on uneven rocky ground. Good on ya Bevan!

Mitch Prewieda at the Tower Bridge - London England 2016. And the Louvre. And a great shot at the Eiffel Tower. The Berliner Fernsehsturm (translation - Big-Assed TV Tower) in Berlin.

Jordyn Kent - Great Wall 2016 (Joins Devon Hodgkinson 2015 and Greg Lusk 2002)

Ramtin (Rookie 2015) @ Holsten Gate, Lubeck Germany Dec 2015

This may be the BEST World Tuck ever. Devon on the Great Wall of China 2015

And now... Mitch P in Barcelona: | Torre Agbar (Spanish for big office building that looks like a dick) | The Sagrada Familia (Spanish for big ass basilica that looks like corn on the cob) pic 1 | pic 2 |

Aaron Charbonneau in Spain. el Yelmo Summit 5580' (La Pedriza). Probably the highest Tuck in the collection.

Mitch P in Honk Kong for a course - summer 2015.| HC University 1| Victoria Peak Highest point in Hong Kong | BIG BUDDHA Tuck Lantau Island | At the Bruce Fucking LEE statue on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong |

A very awesome shot from Devon Hodgkinson Jan 2014 - | Burj Khalifa - Dubai |

Aaron Robinson in Cuba. What doesn't scream AWESOME when you mix 1960's Russian surface to air missiles and tucks.| A3 Missile 1 | A3 Missile 2 |

Wilson and Nakema in Europe 2013 | TUCKingham Palace | Paris | Rome | Pisa |

AAron Charbonneau ups the challenge ON the field at Real Madrid. May 2011

MORE from Aaron World Robinson | a Sexy Bridge in Rotterdam | The EU | Some Belgian Gate/Park bit |

Colin and Julie May 2010. | Colin MISSED PRACTICE to do a Tuck in Haiti | Colin and Julie MISSED PRACTICE to do a Lib at the Jamaica Harley Davidson shop |

Aaron 'A3' Robinson in PETRA - Jordan dec 2009-Jan '10. Two awesome shots at the Monastery | Pic 1 | Pic 2 | and in the Treasury (Restricted Area under Guard). This iconic structure is in one of the Indiana Jones Movies as well as Transformers. And... Jumping is Forbidden. (as is correct translation) | But wait... there's more. | ALASKA Trip HD Shop, Aug '10 | at the Taku Glacier |

Paul Bolta in Vegas 2009

Kurt Ford - with Theodore Tugboat - Halifax arbour April 2009, Some BIG ASSED equipment in Fort McMurray Alberta (Summer 2010) | BIG Bucket Tuck | BIG Digger Tuck | Thanksgiving 2010 Helicopter MAN-trip by Helicopter to Jasper National Park |

Alex Robinson In Thailand 2008 | Beach | On top of a Building | Golfing |

More from Geoff Hamilton (a prolific World Tuck-Tucker) | Mall of America in Minneapolis | Old Faithful | a random Starbuck's - and I don't care where because ... it's a 'Buck's |

A whole stack of pics from the Cobras trip to LAS VEGAS. | Alex @ Ceasars Palace | CJ and Alex at the Palms (that Tattoo place from the TV show | CJ @ Paris | CJ and Nicole @ Ceasars | CJ @ Hugh Hefner Drive | CJ @ Paradise Island | Nicole and Alex at the LV Harley-Davidson Restaurant | Alex at the NY FDNY tug boat | Tuck with a random Tucker at the airport |

From the Playtex Commercial Shoot in Buenos Aires Argentina Jan 2007. | At Eva Perones Grave | At the Hotel |

Alex at the Actual WEST COAST CHOPPERS shop in Long Beach California (Jan 07)

Geoff at a Penguins/Leafs game (Mellon Arena) in Pittsburg Dec 2006

A mess of pics from Mike Smith. At this point, he is clearly kicking everyone's ass. Please try to catch up. | Paris Day | Paris Night | Louvre | London 1 | Big Ben | Amsterdam 1 | Amsterdam Canal | Hotel des Invalides - Paris |

Geoff at the Lexington Porsche Dealership 2006

Alex Robinson Road Trips to Los Angeles July 2006 | Venice Beach/Santa Monica Pier | Venice Beach 2 | Santa Monica Pier | Rodeo Dr | Hotel 1 | Muscle Beach | Hotel 2 | 90210 |

Mike Smith takes a ride on a Blackhawk Helicopter in Germany. June 2006 then in Interlaken Swizterland | Pic 1 | Pic 2 |

Mike in Germany @ the Mercedes-Benz Museum | 1 | 2 | Summer 06 - At World Cup Game (Beer Street) Kaiserslauter

Josh in Sydney Australia @ the Opera House | 1 | 2 | Summer 06

Josh at Surfers Paradise - Australia 2006

Aaron And Dan Allard after Montreal Clinic @ | Olympic Park | at Globo Gym |

CJ at Niagara Fall 2006 | Pic 1 | Pic 2 |

CJ and ALex in New York City 2006 | CJ - Statue of Liberty | Alex - Statue of Liberty | They FIRED this @ Donald's Place |

Dan Allard celebrates breaking the Albany Curse - March 2006

CJ From his "work" co-op in Bermuda 2005 | Welcome to Bermuda (note the Western tie) | At Hamilton City Hall (note the "Bermuda" Shorts |

CJ, Alex and Nicole from their surprise road trip to the Cheersport Nationals Feb 2006. | Atlanta Airport | CNN Center |

Nicole, Alex, Josh - On the stage at the American Cheer Power competition in St. Pete's Florida - Mar 06

Killer contributions from Greg Lusk. Great Wall of China Jan-02 | Machu Picchu /Inca Trail - Peru: June -04

Geoff And C2 Thuggin' in Detroit | 8 Mile 1 | 8 Mile 2 | Eminem showed up a few minute later but could only handspring

Team tuck at the front of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa - Oct 2005

From the Drive across from Vancouver to Banff (summer of 05) - We took dozens of Tuck, Stunt and Handstands in ridiculous places pics. Here are some: | Dan Allard 150 feet above Hells Gate | Aarona nd Lurd on the Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge | Mombo and Dan Above Hell's Gate |

Rolton in Vegas 2005 | Bellagio | Caesar's Palace | Grand Canyon | Aladdin | Hoover Dam | Grand Canyon 2 |

CJ at the Orlando Airport Harley-Davidson Shop

CJ and Nic at Disney - Florida

Aaron tucks with 3 MEESE - Northern Ontario Aug. 05

Dwayne in Fiji (although it breaks the "rules" a bit, pretty cool none the less)

C2 and Geoff at the CN Tower | Below 1 | Below 2 | Scary shot from Up top | and at Niagara Falls - Outside of the Rogers Centre. (not very "world" but good composition)

CJ and Mike at the Toronto Harley Demo Day. Not exactly "world" but anything Harley is OK. | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Kadi @ Casa Loma Toronto

Alex @ SkyDome (Roger's Centre) post Argo's game

Mike and Kadi at Point Pelee National Park | Park Entrance | Boardwalk Marsh |

Jersey At the Yankees-Red Sox Game May 05

| at the Yankee Team Store | In the Stadium |

Jersey In the Bahamas 2005 (technically not elligible...but who can say no to bikini pics)

| Cable Beach 1 | Cable Beach 2 | Rose Island | Lagoon | Atlantis Hotel |

Dan Allard @ Tampa Convention Center Docks 2005

A Ton of New York City Tuck Pics - CJ, Alex, Nicole, Josh - March 2005

Lurd and Aaron Matrix on the Floating Dock - Tampa Mar 2005

Nathan in Ybor City - Tampa Florida Mar 2005

Although the CJ series are not "tuck" pictures per se, they are the aftermath of a very poorly completed "you won't" - CJ the Idiot - Jan 05 And Later the same year in London.... Irony??

Josh's MONSTER Desert Tuck - Arizona

Kadi on the Old City Wall - St Augustine

Mike on the moving sidewalk - Jacksonville Airport

Mike at St Augustine Old Fort

Mike and Kadi at the Bastion cannon

Mike and Kadi on the beach in Jacksonville and Geoff in Cuba (note to future contributors - pics must show a recognizable feature unique to the tuck location. Generic city tucks will not be posted)

Bolta and others @ Rock and Roller Coaster - Disney

Aaron Tucking on the Capillano Suspension Bridge BC (2004)

CJ and Nicole at the Cabot Tower Newfoundland

Mike and Kadi @ Michigan State University "Spartan" (2004)

Mike in Times Square

Mike, Kadi, Suckling and Bolta at Killbear Park

Mike at the Pan-Am Building NYC

Mike in Hong Kong

Mike and Kadi in Central Park NYC (2004)

Dwayne on a sick cliff in Italy (2004)

CJ and Nicole on bridge at Wonderland

CJ in Bogota Columbia - South America (2003)


Open Vipers/Stangs at Myrtle Beach SC 2004

Team on the Docks @ Tampa Convention Centre March 2005

Team on the beach in Daytona (post NCA) 2003


Note: We don't post "mixed" stunts. Must be all Stang.

| Colin and Julie MISSED PRACTICE to do a Lib at the Jamaica Harley Davidson shop May 2010 |

Las Vegas Feb 07 | Nic and Alex @ the Palms (the Tattoo place from Inked -TV Show) | Nic and Alex @ Paris LV |

| Lurd and Rene @ Olympic Stadium 2006 |

| Mombo and Dan Above Hell's Gate |

Nic and CJ at Disney and a Florida Gators Stadium - 2005

Dwayne and Kelly @ Pisa (2004)

CJ and Nicole Lib at Cabot Tower Newfoundland

Nic and Josh in Central Park NY - March 2005

Nic. X Out in Times Square - Mar 2005

Nic and CJ Lib in Times Square - Mar 2005