The following businesses and Individuals helped get us on the road to the CheerSport Nationals in Atlanta and the NCA Northeast Regional in Albany.

A Huge Thank you from all of us.

Alumni and Former Team members:

Marcus 'Puck' Ruddy, Chris P, Greg Lusk, Corey Ruscica, Mombo

Nathan Steedman, Jess McKillop

Businesses and Others:

Richmond Tavern, Erika's Dentist, POAG Jewellers,

UWO Police Force, King's College Student's Council,

Inovative Security Management (ISM), The Ceeps (Pub),

BCD Consulting, POWER CHEER TORONTO (CJ,Nic,Alex,Natalie),

Clinic (AVSS, SCS, SMHS, PCI),

Parker & Simone Chartered Accountants,

Chris Robbbbbbb's room mates and a couple of friends,